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I thought it would be a good idea to start this blog by dedicaticating my first post to introducing myself and sharing the purposes for this blog in a few sentences:

My name is Diego Placido and I was raised in the greater Washington, D.C. area with my three siblings. I am a first-generation Mexican-American that also identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. My experiences were intersectional and thus instrumental to the path I forged for myself personally and academically.

In pursuit of an environment with greater diversity and inclusion, I ventured north to the Boston area where I studied Psychology, Neuroscience, and Computer Science at Brandeis University. Here, I was fascinated by the high caliber education I was fortunate in receiving but also by the innumerable dialectic discourses amongst peers regarding a plethora of diverse academic and real-world topics. Being around others that not only valued inclusivity and diversity but also highlighted and engaged in conversations/actions to increase the inclusion of marginalized individuals in underrepresented spaces was inspiring.

As I continue on my path to achieve my goals in research and academia, I intend to create conducive spaces to promote reciprocal discussions on numerous topics (related or unrelated to academia). I also understand, from personal experience, the challenge in viewing yourself as an integral part of such discussions and spaces due to the lack of representation of people from similar (ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, gender/sex, sexual orientation, etc.) backgrounds. Through my efforts in blogging (that may seem trivial to some), I hope to be a conduit for increased awareness and proactiveness for collective engagement.



Diego Placido (c. May 2019 - Providence, RI)

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